Colorado and Wyoming recorded yet another record-setting year for organ donation and transplantation and remained among the most generous states in the country when it comes to donor registration.

Widening the Wave

To further support Donor Alliance’s continuous performance improvement efforts, the organization actively implements changes to make the system even better and welcomes a focus on innovation and ongoing research in the industry. Donor Alliance continues to invest in tools, technology and personnel to increase lifesaving potential.

Through these changes and innovations, we were able to do even more this year to maximize the gift of life through organ and tissue donation and transplantation. The impact of which has been felt throughout the community.

Adding a New Department
Kim Robuck, Director of Family Services

Recognizing the importance of having a consistent methodology when talking to families throughout the donation and transplantation process, Donor Alliance created a new Department of Family Services. The department brings family support coordinators from the organ donation work system and tissue donor coordinators together, which allows for increased sharing of knowledge and best practices, providing stronger support for families.

Hiring a Full-Time Medical Director

Dr. Paul Lange, Medical Director

Dr. Paul Lange, a board-certified physician in pulmonary and critical care medicine, was welcomed to the Donor Alliance staff. As the organization’s first full-time medical director, Dr. Lange has helped Donor Alliance to increase its clinical expertise, enhance professional education and further strengthen relationships with local hospitals.

Investing in Preservation Equipment

Donor Alliance invested in leading-edge perfusion technologies to further maximize the gift of life. This technology is used to perfuse organs either in the donor prior to recovery or after the organ has been recovered, allowing for additional time for evaluation of organs for transplant. In 2021, six additional lives were saved as a result of six recovered hearts being viable thanks to this new technology.

2021 record-setting firsts


40%+ DCD donors
More than 40% of donors in 2021 were recovered and transplanted in a procedure known as donation after circulatory death


Increased DCD conversion by 15%
A conversion touchpoints tool was implemented to give hospital partners guidance on timing for referral touchpoints and communication, which increased conversions by double digits at two area hospitals


Use of advanced perfusion technology
Donor Alliance used technology for the first time in 2021 to increase liver and heart transplantation opportunities.

Community Impact

As part of its efforts to widen the ripple effect of donation and transplantation, Donor Alliance works to educate and inspire public understanding of donation through several initiatives. While our in-person events were still limited in 2021 due to the pandemic, our public education efforts continued to reach and touch thousands in the community

Reimagined signature events, including the 2021 Donor Dash, Donor Family Tribute, Donate Life Wyoming Scavenger Hunt and National Donate Life Month celebrations, brought thousands of residents together to show their support for organ, eye and tissue donation.

Through the Transplantation Science curriculum, Donor Alliance taught 328 classes, educating more than 6,000 students in classrooms across our two-state region.

Donor Alliance’s team of nearly 150 Advocates for Life volunteers who work to inspire the public to join the organ and tissue donor registry gave approximately 8,000 hours and represented Donor Alliance at more than 100 events and other activities in 2021.

As part of the curriculum, Transplantation Science is having a ripple effect on generations to come.
Jenn Muriett, COO; Jennifer Prinz, CEO; Matt Lovetro, CFO, Laura Jeffries, VPHR
The Heart of Our Organization

People are the heart of our organization and often the flutter that begins the rippling impact of our work through our communities.

In 2021, Donor Alliance hired 55 employees, the most ever brought on board in a single year, including a full-time medical director. In addition, 19 clinical position advancements were recognized, and 16 internal transfers were made to allow for growth and longevity, including elevating Laura Jeffries to the newly created Vice President of Human Resources role.

Highlighting the organization’s commitment to putting people first, Donor Alliance was also named a Denver Post Top Workplace for the eighth consecutive year and received special honors for Best at Making Work Meaningful.